Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Love letter to my Beloved

Honey, I was thinking about what you said this morning and a new thought occured to me. There are two kinds of beauty in the world. There is natural beauty that is not all that common--it is based on certain social concepts of symmetry and balance. And make no mistake, for those few who accidentally have it there is a cost.

But there is another kind of beauty that is Earned. It's a beauty that is the reward of being a good person, caring about others, and helping when you can. Of that kind of beauty, you lack nothing. It brings about a certain kind of glowing to the complexion. I do not say this to rationalize--I really mean it--and I think you'll agree after you think about it for a while.

I've seen people with the (supposed) gift of natural beauty end up becoming as ugly as sin through mean spiritedness and selfishness. Mark these words my Love--you are a very beautiful person! And with every day that passes, every time you extend your hand with concern and understanding, you are becoming more beautiful.

I realize now that life gave me at least half a dozen chances to have love, but I screwed it up over and over. Then life gave me you; one last chance. Again I've done all I could to screw it up but you have been patient with me, you have loved me in spite of my scars and callouses. That, Dear, is why you are the most beautiful person in the world to me!

I love you,