Friday, November 9, 2007

liberals and conservatives

on hearing phrases like "those liberals" and "those conservatives", i've begun to wonder what the speakers are really talking about. so, i've started asking people directly when i have the chance "are you a ... ?", and it sure seems to me like there's no such thing. nobody i know will admit to being either one--entirely. on the other hand, everybody is a mix of liberal and conservative attitudes on various topics. and sometimes we are conservative on an issue and then at other times we become liberal on the same issue. there's nothing wrong with this when you think about it, just a matter of timing.

so what are those people talking about? well, nothing really. they are using an emotionally loaded phrase for effect. they are telling me that they lack the imagination, or possibly the energy to really think things through for themselves.

(and) there you have it.

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