Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Why I'm down on reporters

The article Why reporters are down on Obama by POLITICO's Gerstein and Gavin does seem to make sense, but it's superficial. And it also underscores what it is about reporting that just bugs the hell out of me.

Of course Obama's administration enforces a policy of closed doors to these tattlers. The typical talking head in today's media has simply forgotten the journalistic principle: Unbiased reporting is a fantasy. Hell, as the article shows, even good grammar appears to be out of reporting fashion. Good journalism insists we understand and accept the reality that all people have opinions. It should be evident that our perceptions are colored by who we are. The trick, the art of journalism, is to convey our opinions outright and in plain sight, but at the same time admit that there are cogent alternative perspectives!

Our so called reporters of today's glitzy glamorous media circus have failed to learn that lesson. I too would close my door to any tattle tale who's sole objective was to sensationalize every word out of my mouth.

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